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13 Jan 2019

Plastic Surgery Hub Facebook live

Hi everyone!


Thanks for your interest in Dr Moncrieff’s Facebook Live on 16 January. A copy of the video is here.

We believe that proper clinical ‘like with like’ before and after photos are vital to understand what’s possible in terms of breast and body surgery.
So here are some of the photos from case studies of patient outcomes that Dr Moncrieff will present and other key slides.

It would be ideal to have this page open on another device, such as your laptop or tablet during the Facebook Live if you really want a clear view of the photos.


We have also put other important links below the slides.

Our contact form is below if you have any questions or you can call us in clinic hours on 02 4920 7700.


Costs, website videos, Medicare items numbers and before and afters:


Vectra surgery simulations: click here


Travelling to Hunter Plastic Surgery for surgery: click here




Choosing a surgeon:

  • Always see at least one genuine Plastic Surgeon (remember that alarmingly anyone with a basic medical degree can call themselves a ‘cosmetic surgeon’!). A starting point is: Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
  • View lots of clinical before and after photos – so look for the same lighting, minimal underwear, backgrounds etc. Selfies can be great to see the confidence boost but lighting and underwear can hide a lot! And stock images of girls in bikinis can look nice, but what does a 19 year old American model running on a beach in LA tell you about the surgical skill of a surgeon?!
  • Forums can be useful – but be mindful of authenticity. Look for actual before and after photos, not just comments in favour of one particular surgeon.
  • Reviews can be useful – but again, are they genuine?
  • Ask an expert – often GPs and nurses who work in hospitals where plastic surgery is performed are great sources!
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