Smart woman's guide to choosing the right surgeon

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21 Aug 2018

Smart woman's guide to choosing the right surgeon

It seems like there has been a tsunami of media recently highlighting the dangers of making a bad choice when it comes to cosmetic surgery or other aesthetic procedures.

The most recent, the Four Corners story on 14 August 2018, demonstrated real cases of blindness, botched results and even death when innocent women chose the wrong people to embark on the treatment journey with.

So here is our smart woman’s guide to making a good choice:


1 – Ask your GP, local nurse or other medical professional

Many of our patients come with a referral from a doctor or medical professional. Those professionals have generally seen many results and want to avoid some of the issues associated with unqualified surgeons. In many cases, nurses also come to us as patients or refer their friends because they also see a range of results. But even GPs get it wrong, so refer to the next point to make certain some is a genuine Plastic Surgeon.


2 – Choose a REAL Plastic Surgeon – unfortunately anyone with a basic medical degree can call themselves a ‘cosmetic surgeon’. The government has promised to regulate this, but hasn’t yet which leads many women to believe those doctors have special training in in surgery, when the vast majority have not.

So to find a real Plastic Surgeon, you need look for the full initials of FRACS (Plas Surg) after their name (not just FRACS which means they are a surgeon specialising in another area of medicine, but not a Plastic Surgeon).

Or you can search the register on the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons website – every genuine Plastic Surgeon working in Newcastle is a member. If they aren’t listed, they aren’t a Plastic Surgeon. You don’t have to choose Dr Moncrieff to ensure you reduce the risks associated every surgery, just make sure you look at least one real Plastic Surgeon when you are considering your options.


3 – Then really research that Plastic Surgeon. Here are some things to think about:

  • Being able to see many proper before and after photos (not just selfies in underwear) says a lot about the skill of the surgeon and the satisfaction levels of their patients. So make sure you see lots of results on patients with similar body types to your own with results that match your goals.
  • Ask how many of that procedure they have performed. Obviously we specialise only in breast and body surgery, so we have performed thousands of those operations. Other surgeons may do a little bit of everything but we think being a specialist in just a few operations is better for mastery.
  • See if you like the vibe of their clinic, their team and the connection with the Surgeon themselves. If the fit doesn’t feel natural, then it is best to look elsewhere because surgery is a journey and you want to feel comfortable with the crew you are on that journey with.
  • Remember that cost is definitely a factor, but so to is your safety and the quality of the outcome. As we say, “we don’t do $6,000 breast augmentations, we fix $6,000 breast augmentations.”


Ready to learn more? You can book a consultation with Dr Moncrieff, or a breast surgery simulation with Practice Manager Jessica by sending us a message below or calling 4920 7700.

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