The top 3 surgical blogs we didn't write... but you might like

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25 Oct 2019

The top 3 surgical blogs we didn't write... but you might like

The top 3 blogs we didn't write!

There are some fantastic articles on hot topics in plastic surgery that we haven't written out there, but sometimes they can be hard to find in a congested plastic surgery market.

So here are three blogs we have seen recently that might be of interest to you before surgery.

How do I qualify for Medicare and private health fund rebates for post weight loss plastic surgery?

Dr Eddie Cheng from Brisbane explains the 4 key eligibility criteria that Medicare and private health funds assess patients who have experiences significant weight loss plastic surgery and now want a tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh lift or or body lift. Read more about this article here.

“Cosmetic” Surgeons Vs. Trained Plastic Surgeons

Dr Craig Layt from the Gold Coast was invited to appear as part of a panel of experts on the Australian Edition of No Spin Live to talk about the difference between 'Cosmetic Surgeons' and Specialist Plastic Surgeons and discusses concerning trends relating to patient safety and anesthetic. Read more about this article here.

Recovery After Breast Implant Surgery

Dr Craig Rubinstein from Melbourne acknowledges that recovery after breast implant surgery, “takes the time it takes” but outlines what patients can do to enable a more pleasant healing journey and to support the best outcome of their surgery. Read more about this article here.

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