Top 5 Blogs of 2020

Breast Reduction / Tummy Tucks / Medicare / Financing / Surgical Tips

8 Dec 2020

Top 5 Blogs of 2020

As 2020 comes to a close (queue the sighs of relief!), we have put together a summary of our top 5 articles of the year to help you plan for your own surgical journey with Dr Moncrieff. Happy researching!

Will Medicare fund my breast reduction?

Are your large breasts causing you embarrassment, breathing problems, back and shoulder or neck pain? So now youโ€™re Googling if there is a Medicare rebate for a breast reduction.

The answer is yes, the rebate itself is around $1,000 but importantly, you must be entitled to the Medicare item number to ensure that your private health insurance kicks in.

To find out more about the Medicare item number and how this helps with the cost of surgery, visit the article here.


Can I claim a tummy tuck from Medicare?

Ready for a change? Have you been battling with excess skin and muscle separation, either as a result from children or weight loss? But is there a Medicare rebate on a tummy tuck?

Medicare will provide a modest rebate if you satisfy the weight loss criteria introduced in 2016. Importantly, having private health insurance will reduce the overall cost from $20,000 out of pocket to $13,000 for your tummy tuck.

To find out more including the Medicare item number to check with your health fund, visit the article here.

Why weight matters in plastic surgery

On a weight loss journey? Trust me, we know the struggle! Your weight can make a big difference to the safety and outcome of your surgery. Due to the risks associated with surgery, Dr Moncrieff does not operate on patients with a BMI of 30 or over.

To read more about why weight matters in plastic surgery or to calculate your BMI, click here.

FAQs after breast and body surgery

Practice Nurse Alecia provides the answer to all of the most commonly asked questions by our patients post-surgery in her article here.

Do we offer payment plans?

Yes! Here at Hunter Plastic Surgery we offer our patients payment plans in advance of their breast augmentation, breast reduction, tummy tuck and other plastic surgery that Dr Moncrieff provides.

To read more about how this works, other financing options and more visit our article here.

Ready to explore your options?

If you are considering breast surgery, you may like to book a $100 Vectra simulation. Find out more and book online here.

Practice Manager Jessica Laing

Blog Author:

Jessica Laing, Practice Manager, Hunter Plastic Surgery

About Jessica

Jessica joined the Hunter Plastic Surgery team in 2010 after being a patient of Dr Moncrieffโ€™s. She has worked very closely with him since then and supports our patients throughout their surgical journey.

She has even won awards for her focus on service including as the Australasian Practice Manager of the Year at the 2019 MyFaceMyBody Global Awards and at the 2017 Lake Macquarie Business Excellence Awards.

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