Welcome to our new website!

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29 Sep 2019

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website.

We have our patients at the heart of this beautiful new design!

The site only features real patients (no stock images of models), plus online bookings, skin care store and dozens of new blogs addressing the questions we are most often asked by patients! More about these new features is outlined below.

A positive move for body image - no stock images!

This website is an industry first in that we only feature our real patients across the website - not just in the before and after gallery, but across the site. Every single person you see is either a member of our team or a patient.

We believe this make our website a one-of-a-kind in Australia. Most sites use lots of stock images of models, usually young, slim and who clearly who have never had surgery!

And others have no images at all - not that helpful if you are trying to figure out what's possible before you invest hundreds of dollars in a consultation.

To be honest, we used those same stock images in the early years too, but over time we have come to see them as part of the problem in our industry - promoting completely unrealistic images of models to suggest that somehow surgery will help "normal" women look like that too. Which is nonsense.

So we have invested in taking beautiful photos which highlight the real outcomes we have achieved for our patients and the visible impact it has had on their confidence.

And we continue to feature proper clinic before and after images. These photos are shared with the generous permission of our patients who understand that being able to see lots of before and after photos of women of different body types and ages is so important to making an informed choice about whether the surgeon they are considering can actually achieve the results they want.

Online bookings

We now offer the ability to book some our most popular services online. These include our $100 Vectra breast surgery simulation service, CoolSculpting consultations and return anti-wrinkle patient appointments.

Other appointments can be booked by contacting us directly or asking for us to contact you.


We have really focused on our blogs and articles in recent months. Our new rule is that if we hear 3 women ask us the same question, we need a blog about it! So check out our news section which allows you to filter by procedure type and other categories (like Medicare rebates).

Skincare sales

And we have listened to our Renew Medispa patients and launched online sales! We find patients often only think about stocking up on skin care when they realise they have run out at 8pm at they go to do their nightly routine. So now they are be able to order their Aspect Dr and other skin care online.

We would love your feedback!

Spot something that doesn't work? Send a message via the contact form. We want to make the site perfect for you - so let us know if it isn't!

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