Why you should choose a Plastic Surgeon - Daily Telegraph Story

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18 Nov 2017

Why you should choose a Plastic Surgeon - Daily Telegraph Story

Still not sure why you should choose a genuine Plastic Surgeon? Then check out the article in the Daily Telegraph on 23 September to read the very personal story of our patient, Jessica, and how Dr Moncrieff restored her body and confidence after a poor result from a ‘cosmetic surgeon’ (see a tip at the bottom of this story if you can’t view the article).

As Dr Moncrieff said in a separate article in the same special feature, we have been calling on the government for years to better regulate the term given anyone with a medical degree can use it!

Remember that all surgery carries risks, but by choosing a real Plastic Surgeon like Dr Moncrieff who spent 17 years studying, training and passing rigorous examinations (and a decade in practice since then), you reduce the risks.

So how can you find a real Plastic Surgeon?

Look for the full initials of FRACS (Plas Surg) after their name (not just FRACS which means they are a surgeon, but not a Plastic Surgeon).

Or you can search the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons – every genuine Plastic Surgeon working in Newcastle is a member. If they aren’t listed, they aren’t a Plastic Surgeon. You don’t have to choose Dr Moncrieff to ensure you reduce the risks associated every surgery, just make sure you look at least one real Plastic Surgeon when you are considering your options.

To book a consultation with Dr Moncrieff, send us a message with your details below or call us on 4920 7700 in office hours.

Tip: if you aren’t a subscriber to the Daily Telegraph you may find you can’t view the links above. Instead you can try searching for “Dr Nicholas Moncrieff” in Google and clicking on the “News” tab. Both articles appear there.

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