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A Breast Lift is performed under General Anaesthetic in hospital. The hospital stay is one – two night stay. Small cases may be performed as day-stay. 


We recommend two weeks off work, wearing a post operative garment for 6 weeks.

3D Vectra Simulation

Try before you buy with our $100 Vectra simulation. For very large breasts or where the areola is sitting too low on the breast, the simulation is less accurate. However, the appointment is an opportunity to talk to Jessica our Practice Manager about the surgical process, costs and review of previous patient case studies.

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For more information on this procedure, please see our narrated 3D Animation. The Animation takes a few moments to upload so please be patient as it is worth the short delay. Some smartphones aren’t able to open the Animation, so please visit again from a desktop or laptop.

For both our Specialist Surgeons

The fees below are the total out of pocket costs These include the surgeon’s fee, hospital stay, anaesthetist’s fee, garment, LED light therapy for scar minimisation and follow up visits.

Dr Moncrieff's fees:

For those cases where a Medicare item number applies (see more in tabs below), the total out-of-pocket cost is from $12,600 for privately insured patients.

For patients without insurance, the total cost of a breast lift with Dr Moncrieff is from $16,800.

Dr French's fees:

$9,000 total out of pocket cost for patients with insurance.

Uninsured patients are from $13,000.

More about Dr French is here.

Before & After

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breast lift by Dr Nicholas Moncrieff

About the patient


41 years old


5 months post surgery


This patient had a small breast reduction and uplift to correct asymmetry.

breast reduction, uplift and nipple reshaping

About the patient


23 years old


9 months post surgery


This patient had a small breast reduction, uplift and nipple reshaping to correct asymmetry.

breast lift 49 years before and after

About the patient


49 years old


5 months post surgery


This patient had a breast lift with Dr Moncrieff after suffering from scoliosis and asymmetrical breast footprints.

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Frequently Asked Questions



Medicare states that a rebate is only available in cases where strict conditions are met including the volume of breast tissue which sits below the breast fold.

The Medicare item number is 45558 (to check with your fund).

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A breast lift, or mastopexy, can help restore a firmer, shapelier breast, which will improve body contours and give the breasts a perky, youthful appearance. It is also used to treat patients who suffer medical issues with sagging breasts such as rashes or skin breakdown under the breast.

Breast surgery has come a long way over time. Our surgeons specialise in modern anchor incision breast lift with internal bra, which is the use of internal sutures to provide strength to the new breast shape, rather than just relying on external stitches.

This technique allows for skin reduction, reshaping of the breast, nipple/areola reduction and a breast lift all in the one operation. This is achieved with only a short vertical scar up the breast, incision around the areola and another under the breast fold.

The nipple is not 'removed' in the vast majority of cases, as the risk of graft failure is too high. Instead it remains attached to the blood supply and moved upwards.

For more information on breast reduction, please see our narrated 3D Animation above.

In some cases, an implant alone will be able to achieve the lifted look our patients want without the full incisions required for a surgical lift. More information about this option is in Dr Moncrieff’s blog here.

And for other women, combining a lift with an implant will give them the result they want. More about this is here.

Yes! He recently did a live video on the topic of breast reductions and breast lifts. It can be viewed on our YouTube channel here. 

All surgery is serious and you need to weigh up the potential benefits with the risks. 

There are two main categories of risks to consider when considering breast lift surgery.

The first category of risks apply to all forms of major surgery and include: infection, bleeding and an adverse reaction to the anaesthetic. 

The next category of risks which are more specific to breast lifts include: change in sensation or loss of sensation in the nipples, delayed wound healing (including death of tissue), asymmetry and in rare cases, loss of the nipple.

Your surgeon will discuss these risks, and how you can reduce them before and after surgery, in your consultation. You will also be given written material covering these risks.

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