Mummy Makeover

The Procedure

The Hospital

Our Mummy Makeovers are performed under General Anaesthetic in hospital. The hospital stay is a total of four to five nights. 


We recommend at least three weeks off work (longer for more physical roles). You will need to wear a garment (similar to Spanx) for 6 weeks and can expect bruising and swelling for at least four weeks.

3D Vectra Simulation

To start exploring your options, you may like to book a $50 Vectra 3D surgery simulation with our Practice Manager Jessica. During this appointment you will be able to see what a breast augmentation, lift or reduction could look like on your own body. While it does not simulate tummy tucks, many of our patients have still appreciated being able to see what the breast component of their transformation may appear.

Award winning outcomes

Dr Moncrieff has been recognised for his surgical skills by colleagues and industry experts. Most recently this included winning the 2019 MyFaceMyBody Global Award for the Australasian Surgical Makeover of the Year for our breast and body patient Carley (who you can see in our Patient Journey gallery).

Book a $50 Vectra Simulation

For women requiring a breast reduction and lift, and a tummy tuck: 

From $26,000 total cost (for insured patients) including the surgeon’s fee, hospital stay, garment, anaesthetist’s fee and follow up visits.


For women requiring a breast augmentation, and a tummy tuck: 

From $25,000 total cost (for insured patients) including the surgeon’s fee, leading brand implants, hospital stay, garment, anaesthetist’s fee and follow up visits.


For patients without private health insurance or who don’t meet the Medicare criteria for coverage, the costs not met by health insurance, such as the hospital, must also be factored in.

Before & After

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About the patient


33 years old


6 months post surgery


This patient had an abdominoplasty with muscle tightening, skin removal and waist sculpting. Dr Moncrieff also performed a breast reduction and uplift.

About the patient


39 years old


6 months post surgery


This patient had a breast reduction, uplift and abdominoplasty.

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Dr Moncrieff is an experienced Specialist Plastic Surgeon who is passionate about making women feel great about themselves.

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Frequently Asked Questions



This depends on the surgery you have and need for surgery.

Our team can help explain this to you as it can be challenging!

Your weight can make a big difference to the safety and outcome of your surgery – so we can’t ignore it.

In this article, Dr Moncrieff outlines why it matters and the weight range to aim for before starting the surgical journey.

Congratulations! Your little one has arrived and you have now completed your family. For many women, it is time to focus on your family and gentle recovery, but we also get many phone calls asking when it is appropriate to start a surgical journey, especially from mums whose bodies have changed a lot from pregnancy.

So how long after a baby should you think about seeing me for breast or body surgery?

As a general rule I’d say 3 months after you finish breast feeding. For breast surgery this is particularly important, as it allows your breasts to completely empty and stablise to ensure I can recommend the right surgery for you and it lasts once it is performed.

For tummy tucks, I like to see patients at least 6 months after pregnancy and once they are at a stable goal weight.

To read the full answer, visit this article.

Yes! He recently did a live video on the topic of tummy tucks and mummy makeovers. It can be viewed on our YouTube channel here.

No - the breast and body procedures that make up a mummy makeover isn't just for mums! We see many patients who have experienced significant weight loss who are also seeking a combination of breast and body surgery. For these women, other options such as thigh and arm lifts may be appropriate also. More information about surgery after weight loss is here.

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