3D Vectra Simulation

3D Vectra

For breast augmentations and reductions, we offer Vectra information sessions with our Practice Manager, Jessica Laing, for $100 which can be rebated against a consultation with Dr Moncrieff if you wish to proceed within 12 months.

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What will I look like?

We take a 3D image of you in a private room, which is quick and easy as it’s just like having your photo taken, except in 3D using a camera that works from different angles. Then we use computer software to create life-like models of how your β€˜new’ breasts could actually look on you, viewed from any angle.

Primarily we use this technology for breast augmentation, breast lifts and breast reductions. 

Please note that for reductions and lifts on very large or lax breasts, or patients seeking a revision of existing breast implants, the simulation is less accurate or may not be able to attain a simulation. However, the appointment is an opportunity to talk to Jessica about the surgical process, costs, potential Medicare rebates and review of previous patient case studies.

Using the Vectra system, we can help you make the critical decisions with Dr Moncrieff from the experience of having seen it on yourself already.


Click to see a video of what the simulation looks like.

Complimentary pre-assessment

Really not sure what surgery you should be researching?

Our complimentary pre-assessment option might be helpful!

We find a number of women really aren't sure what procedure might be right for them.. for example, a mum or weight loss champion might think they need a breast lift, or a breast augmentation or a fat transfer or all three! Or another woman might be unsure if an abdominoplasty is needed, or if a non-surgical option like CoolSculpting would be enough.

So we have now made time each week for our Plastic Surgeon, Dr Moncrieff, to review photos prospective patients have sent in to help direct them to the general information available on our website and from our team which may be applicable.

Please note, this pre-assessment option is not medical advice and is a way to help guide you to the general information we have available. For a specific assessment you would need to provide a full medical history and come for an appointment.

How to obtain a pre-assessment

Please call us on (02) 4920 7700 and we will provide our secure email address or contact us using the form below.

Then take 3 photos of your area of concern as follows:

Ideally photos should be well lit (i.e, light from the front, not behind which creates shadow). If you are considering breast surgery, please remove any upper garments.


How is this different from a Vectra appointment? 

These pre-assessments are a simple review by Dr Moncrieff of your photos and a response with the general information which may apply to help you narrow your research and provide a general indication of costs.

By way of contrast, a Vectra appointment offers a more personalised experience including a simulation of what surgery could look like on your own body, along with specific advice about liely rebates from your health insurer, costs, choice of hospital etc. Our Vectra appointments with our Practice Manager Jessica are $100 which is rebated against the fee of a consultation with Dr Moncrieff if you wish to proceed.

Who looks at my photos?

They are reviewed by Dr Moncrieff and our Practice Manager Jessica.

What are the costs of the different assessments?

Online pre-assessment - complimentary

Vectra simulation - $100 which is rebatable against Dr Moncrieff's consultation fee

Consultation with Dr Moncrieff - $350 (less $100 if you have had a Vectra and a Medicare rebate of $75 may apply for appointments with medical need, eg, for breast reductions)


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