3D Vectra

3D Vectra

For breast augmentations and reductions, we offer Vectra information sessions with our Practice Manager, Jessica Laing, for $50 which can be rebated against a consultation with Dr Moncrieff if you wish to proceed.

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What will I look like?

We take a 3D image of you in a private room, which is quick and easy as it’s just like having your photo taken, except in 3D using a camera that works from different angles. Then, we use computer software to create life-like models of how your β€˜new’ breasts could actually look on you, viewed from any angle.

Primarily we use this technology for breast augmentation and reduction. For reductions please note that this service is ideal for small to moderate reduction patients. Similarly, for very large breasts or patients seeking a revision of existing breast implants the simulation is less accurate or may not be able to attain a simulation. However, the appointment is an opportunity to talk to Jessica about the surgical process, costs and review of previous patient case studies.

Using the Vectra system, we can help you make the critical decisions with Dr Moncrieff from the experience of having seen it on yourself already.


Click to see a video of what the simulation looks like.

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