Post Mass Weight Loss

The Procedure

The Hospital

Our Post Mass Weight Loss procedures are performed under General Anaesthetic in hospital. The hospital stay varies from 2 up to 10 nights.


Lower body lift

  • Four weeks off work
  • Garment for 6 weeks and bruising and swelling for four weeks

Arm lift

  • Two weeks off work
  • Bruising and swelling for up to four weeks
  • Garment for 6 weeks

Medicare Rebate

This depends on the surgery you have and need for surgery.

Our team can help explain this to you as it can be challenging!

Combining surgery

Due to Medicare restrictions, surgery post weight loss has to be staged (for example, you can't do thighs and tummy together). Please note that Dr Moncrieff does not offer stand-alone arm or thigh lifts - he performs these surgeries only for women who have already had a tummy tuck or breast surgery with him. See more in the FAQs below.

Award winning outcomes

Dr Moncrieff has been recognised for his surgical skills by colleagues and industry experts. Most recently this included winning the 2020 MyFaceMyBody Global Award for the Australasian Surgical Makeover of the Year for our breast and body patient Celeste (who lost over 50kgs after 2 babies. You can see her results in our Patient Journey gallery).

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Lower body lift (circumferential lower body lift – abdomen and back)

  • Privately Insured with Top Gold Cover $22,000 – 25,000. This range includes the surgeon’s fee, anaesthetist’s fee, hospital stay and garments, LED light therapy for scar minimisation and after care. Generally health funds only assist if the patient has top gold cover – please check with your fund before booking a consultation (see Medicare item number in tab below).
  • No Insurance (or less than Top Gold Cover) – This procedure is not recommended for patients without private insurance, as there is a high risk of an extended hospital stay. We recommended seeking an appropriate private health insurance plan if this procedure would benefit you.
  • For a tummy tuck without extending around the back, please see the tummy tuck page.

Arm lift

Privately insured: $11,500. Uninsured (or less than Top Gold Cover): $18,000. This procedure can not be performed on the same day as a tummy tuck due to Medicare rules so a staged approach is required. See FAQs below.

Thigh lift

Privately insured: $10,500 – $12,500. Uninsured (or less than Top Gold Cover): from $18,000. This procedure can not be performed on the same day as a tummy tuck due to Medicare rules so a staged approach is required. See FAQs below.

Breast surgery: please see the breast reduction and breast lift pages.

Before & After

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Gallery PatientJourneys Woody-photoshoot Kylie 33-years-stage-one-of-two-tummy-tuck-and-thigh-lift-4-months-post-with-dr-nicholas-moncrieff-hunter-plastic-surgery

About the patient


33 years old


4 months post surgery


This patient is pictured here 4 months following her first stage abdominoplasty and thigh lift after her 43kg weight loss.

Gallery PatientJourneys Woody-photoshoot Kylie 35-years-24-months-post-complete-weight-loss-transformation-tummy-tuck-thigh-lift-breast-lift-thigh-lift-arm-lift-by-dr-nicholas-moncrieff-hunter-plastic-surgery

About the patient


35 years old


24 months post surgeries


This 35 year old patient had a complete post mass weight loss transformation including an abdominoplasty, thigh lift, breast reduction/uplift, and arm lift staged across 2 separate operations. In total she lost more than 65kgs. To see more, visit the gallery and visit the Post Mass Weight Loss category.

Procedures Body Arm lift by Dr Nicholas Moncrieff at Hunter Plastic Surgery 1

About the patient


28 years old


9 months post surgery


After a weight loss of over 23kg, this patient had an arm lift including excess skin removal and liposuction techniques.

Gallery BeforeAndAfter PostMassWeightLoss 60-yr-old-thigh-lift-patient-6-months-post-by-Dr-Nicholas-moncrieff-at-hunter-plastic-surgery-square

About the patient


60 years old


6 months post surgery


This patient had a thigh lift using surgical and liposuction techniques post weight loss.

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Dr Moncrieff is an experienced Specialist Plastic Surgeon who is passionate about making women feel great about themselves.

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Frequently Asked Questions



Generally health funds only assist if the patient has top cover – please check with your fund before booking a consultation (see Medicare item number in tab below). Some funds do not cover these procedures as the categorise them as “obesity surgery”. You must check with your fund in advance and if you aren’t covered, consider a new fund.

Lower body lift (tummy tuck and and back lift): Medicare Item No. 30177, 30171

Tummy tuck: Medicare Item No. 30177

Arm lift or thigh lift: Medicare Item No. 30171 x2

For breast procedures, please see the breast reduction and breast lift pages.

Learn about our 5 star difference here.

Yes we do. Surgery post significant weight loss is a serious investment. To help you understand your payment options, including possible superannuation access, you may like to read our dedicated article here.

Generally no. This is due to the substantial nature of the surgery and recovery required. The other factor is that Medicare limits the surgeries which may be performed together so a tummy tuck, arm lift and/or thigh lift may not be performed in a single operation.

If you do not want to claim the Medicare rebate (or health fund coverage), it is technically possible to combine them, however it is unwise given the health risks and possible extended self-funded stay in ICU and hospital.

Hospital stay is two nights.

Hospital stay can be up to ten nights.

Many women ask us when they should see us to talk about the next step in their weight loss journey. We like to see people who are stable at their goal weight with a BMI at or under 28 to help plan the right surgery and to minimise risks. A BMI of 30 is the maximum due to increased risks. 

More details are featured in this article by Dr Moncrieff.

An easy BMI calculator is here.

Not with Dr Moncrieff. He offers arm and thigh lifts only to patients having an overall breast and body transformation post weight loss.

You may find other plastic surgeons willing to do these as stand-alone procedures and you can research your options on the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons register.

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