Breast Implant Replacement

The Procedure

The Hospital

A Breast Implant Replacement is performed under General Anaesthetic in hospital. The hospital stay is overnight.


We recommend one week off work, wearing the garment/bra for a minimum of 6 weeks.

3D Vectra Simulation

Our $100 Vectra simulation appointments can be booked with our Practice Manager Jessica. For patients seeking a revision of existing breast implants the simulation may not be able to attain a simulation. However, the appointment is an opportunity to talk to Jessica about the surgical process, costs and review of previous patient case studies.

Book a $100 Vectra Simulation

For both our Specialist Surgeons

The fees below are the total out of pocket costs These include the surgeonโ€™s fee, hospital stay, replacement implants, anaesthetistโ€™s fee, garment, LED light therapy for scar minimisation and follow up visits.

Dr Moncrieff's fees:

Due to Medicare changes in late 2018, the vast majority of implant removal and replacements cost from $23,000 total out of pocket costs, even if there is a medical need for the replacement.

This is because they will generally not attract a Medicare item number or health fund rebates.  See more in the FAQ section below on the Medicare item numbers.

Dr French's fees

Removal and replacement of implants for most patients who do not meet the strict requirements of the Medicare item number is from $14,700.

More about Dr French is here. 

Before & After

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Gallery BeforeAndAfter BreastImplantReplacement 25-year-old-6-months-post-removal-and-replacement-using-495cc-anatomical-implants-by-dr-nicholas-moncrieff-hunter-plastic-surgery

About the patient


25 years old


6 months post surgery


This patient had a breast augmentation with a previous surgeon. Dr Moncrieff performed a breast implant removal and replacement using 495cc anatomical implants and fat grafting.

Gallery BeforeAndAfter BreastImplantReplacement 55-year-old-breast-implant-removal-and-replacement-using-295cc-anatomical-implants-by-dr-nicholas-moncrieff-at-hunter-plastic-surgery-stars

About the patient


55 years old


6 months post surgery


This patient had a breast augmentation over 20 years ago with one implant already removed by a previous surgeon. Dr Moncrieff performed a breast implant removal and replacement using 295cc anatomical implants.

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Frequently Asked Questions



We do not see patients within 6 months following surgery elsewhere. This is because the original doctor is required by law to provide post-operative care and surgery takes time to settle. We also have no insight into exactly how the surgery has been performed, the implants used and infection control employed so we canโ€™t have a full insight into how patients from other clinics should be managed in the post operative phase, unlike our own patients.

If you remain unhappy about your results after 6 months and you have been unable to get an agreed path forward with your original doctor, then we recommend you see your GP for a referral to us and also a referral for an ultrasound before you see us.

If you are experiencing a serious complication from surgery elsewhere such as an infection or wound breakdown, you should contact that clinic urgently. You should also consider presenting at emergency or your GP if you are unable to get in contact with that clinic.

Learn about our 5 star difference here.

Yes! He recently did a Facebook Live video discussing past case studies, how he does the procedure, the costs, Vectra simulation and answered commonly asked questions. To watch the video, click here.

Yes we do. We understand that surgery is a serious investment. To help you understand your payment options you may like to read our dedicated article here.

Yes, there are item numbers 45553/45554 for removal and replacement (depending on clinical reason for removal and can only be claimed in limited circumstances after full payment and the surgery has taken place).

In a limited number of cases, Medicare will provide a small rebate after your surgery which may result in a refund of some of the hospital and other expenses incurred if you have private health insurance. It relies on photographic evidence taken during the operation to demonstrate deformity if the implant is not replaced in cases of medical need. Please contact us if you would like more details.

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