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The Procedure

There are a number of reasons women seek this procedure with Dr Moncrieff – sometimes older breast implants have become hard (called capsular contraction) or other medical issues, or they no longer suit a woman’s lifestyle after many years.

The Hospital

A Breast Implant Removal is performed under General Anaesthetic in hospital. This procedure is performed as a day-stay.


We recommend one week off work, wearing the garment/bra for 6 weeks.

3D Vectra Simulation

Our $100 Vectra simulation appointments can be booked with our Practice Manager Jessica. For patients seeking a revision of existing breast implants the simulation may not be able to attain a simulation. However, the appointment is an opportunity to talk about the surgical process, costs and review of previous patient case studies.

Book a $100 Vectra Simulation
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For our Specialist Plastic Surgeon

The fees below are the total out of pocket costs These include the surgeon’s fee, anaesthetist’s fee, garment, LED light therapy for scar minimisation and follow up visits.

Dr Moncrieff's fees:

Removal with lift

Dr Moncrieff generally does not recommend a removal without lift because the skin and tissue will usually be too stretched to retract and the result is not cosmetically pleasing and can lead to chronic skin irritation under the lax breast tissue.

A removal with a surgical lift is from $25,000 total out of pocket for an insured patient

To see more about what’s involved in a surgical lift, please visit our breast lift page.

A lift is a more complex and time consuming surgery that a replacement of an implant, so takes more time in theatre. This results in the extra fees for the hospital, surgeon, anaesthetist, etc.

Removal only 

In some cases, generally for smaller implants which have only been in a short time, it is possible to remove implants and not lift the remaining skin. This ranges from $11,500 – $15,000 depending on insurance coverage and complexity of the removal.

Costs quoted above are total out of pocket costs - meaning the final cost to patients after rebates (if applicable) are applied. Patients are required to pay in full prior to surgery and then claim any applicable rebates.

Before & After

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Breast Implant removal and uplift before and after

About the patient


30 years old


5 months post surgery


This patient had a previous breast augmentation performed by a different surgeon which left her with a 'waterfall effect.' Dr Moncrieff corrected this by performing a breast implant removal followed by an uplift and nipple reshape.

Breast Implant removal and uplift including nipple reshaping before and after

About the patient


35 years old


7 months post surgery


This patient had a breast augmentation performed by a different surgeon 12 years ago. The implants had begun to 'waterfall.' corrected this by performing a breast implant removal followed by an uplift and nipple reshape.

Breast Implant removal

About the patient


30 years old


7 months post surgery


This patient had a breast augmentation performed by a different surgeon. She had highly textured implants which had since been recalled. Dr Moncrieff removed the existing implants. In this case there was no need for a surgical lift.

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Dr Moncrieff is an experienced Specialist Plastic Surgeon with an exclusive focus on breast and body surgery for women. See examples of this procedure below or visit the full gallery now.

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Frequently Asked Questions



Yes we do. We understand that surgery is a serious investment. To help you understand your payment options you may like to read our dedicated article here.

Yes, Medicare Item Numbers – 45551 – removal only.

We do not see patients within 6 months following surgery elsewhere. This is because the original doctor is required by law to provide post-operative care and surgery takes time to settle. We also have no insight into exactly how the surgery has been performed, the implants used and infection control employed so we can’t have a full insight into how patients from other clinics should be managed in the post operative phase, unlike our own patients.

If you remain unhappy about your results after 6 months and you have been unable to get a agreed path forward with your original doctor, then we recommend you see your GP for a referral to us and also a referral for an ultrasound before you see us.

If you are experiencing a serious complication from surgery elsewhere such as an infection or wound breakdown, you should contact that clinic urgently. You should also consider presenting at emergency or your GP if you are unable to get in contact with that clinic.

Yes, in some cases Dr Moncrieff not only removes the implants, but the entire capsule around the implants (called an en bloc capsulectomy). 

This is a more extensive procedure and comes with higher risks. These issues are something you can discuss with him in more detail in your consultation.

Learn about our 5 star difference here.

All surgery is serious and you need to weigh up the potential benefits with the risks. 

There are two main categories of risks to consider when considering breast implant removal surgery.

The first category of risks apply to all forms of major surgery and include: infection, bleeding and an adverse reaction to the anaesthetic. 

The next category of risks which are more specific to breast implant removal include: change in sensation or loss of sensation in the nipples, delayed wound healing (including death of tissue), asymmetry and in rare cases, loss of the nipple.

Your surgeon will discuss these risks, and how you can reduce them before and after surgery, in your consultation. You will also be given written material covering these risks.

More information about the risks of plastic surgery and broader general surgery can be found on our dedicated risks page.

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