Can I breastfeed after breast implants?

Breast Augmentation

15 Feb 2024

Can I breastfeed after breast implants?

Many women who have had a breast augmentation with me go on to be able to breastfeed successfully.

This is because the dual plane placement I use reduces the risk of severing the milk ducts, nerves and breast tissue required for breast feeding.

However, just as with women who have not had surgery, some women are not able to breast feed or will need the assistance of a lactation consultant to help manage early feeding issues.


Is it better to wait until after children before breast augmentation?

Are you thinking about babies in the next year or two? Then generally I would encourage you to wait until you have finished your family to maximise the chance of being able to breast feed and to get the maximum longevity from your surgery.

In terms of the longevity of results, having babies will change all women’s breasts, regardless of whether they have implants or not.

Sometimes these changes will be minimal, but at other times, women want to restore their breasts after children.

But if babies are more than a few years away, why not have an augmentation now and enjoy the results before you become a mum?

As outlined above, we have had many breast augmentation patients go on to successfully breastfeed.


Want to discover more?

A great way to β€˜Try before you buy’ is to come in and have a $100 Vectra 3D photo simulation with my Practice Manager Jessica.

Many patients love this service because it gives them a much better idea of sizing and placement than simply putting sizing implants in a bra can! And the $100 cost is rebated against your consultation with me  if you decide to continue exploring if the surgery is right for you.


More information on the website

Discover more about breast augmentation (also known by the medical term of augmentation mammoplasty), including information on hospital arrangements, recovery and a 3D animation of the procedure by visiting our breast augmentation page.

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Dr Nicholas Moncrieff, Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Newcastle

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He is one of only a handful of Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons across Australia with this sole breast and body focus.

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