How small can a breast reduction make me?

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6 Sep 2022

How small can a breast reduction make me?

One of the most common questions that we receive from our patients considering breast reduction surgery is “how small can you make me?”

After years of struggling with neck, back and shoulder pain, I find that many women with large breasts request that I make them “almost flat chested” to alleviate their discomfort! In most cases, this kind of request is actually impossible without serious health and aesthetic issues.

The risk of a dead nipple in excessive reductions

The main reason that very large breasts can’t be made as small as an A or B cup is due to the blood supply to the nipple area during surgery. If too much breast tissue is removed, the excessive reduction in blood supply can potentially result in nipple and tissue death, and no-one wants a dead nipple! Compromised blood supply to the nipple can lead to loss of sensitivity and inability to breast feed which is relevant to my younger patients who choose a reduction before babies.

Balancing your breasts to your body

The other main factor in determining your new breast size is balancing your overall figure from an aesthetic point of view. If you are curvy all over, tiny breasts often make other parts of the body look out of proportion. You still want your breasts to be the most projecting part of your side profile, rather than the focus being on your tummy!

This means that while 2-3kg of breast tissue is regularly removed in bigger breast reduction cases, it may mean a size decrease from a G cup to a DD, rather than a B or C. It is important to keep in mind that a breast reduction will not only make your breasts smaller overall, but they will be lighter, firmer and perkier regardless of the resulting cup size. Of course, I will work closely with you during your consultation to ensure I understands your goals and can achieve your desired result.

So what is possible?

I perform breast reduction surgery on women of all ages, shapes and sizes and they all have different starting and finishing cup sizes depending on all of those factors. Scroll on for lots of examples of life-changing breast reductions and information about their cup size changes.

From a 10F to 10D                 From a 10G to 10C

From a 10G to a 10D             From a 10F to a 10C

From a 12F/G to 12D         From a 10E to 10C

From a 10F to 10C         From a 14JJ to 14DD

From a 12GG to 12D      From a 16GG to 14D

More surgical results can be found in our before and after gallery here.


Ready to begin your surgical journey?

A great jumping off point is to book a 3D Vectra Surgery Simulation $100 appointment with our Practice Manager (the cost is rebated against my consultation fee). While this simulation is not perfect for all reductions, this is still a great chance to discuss the costs, Medicare rebates, recovery time, and to begin planning your timeline for surgery. The other major benefit of having this appointment first is that our Practice Manager controls my schedule, so she can fast track you a consultation with me if you do decide to continue exploring your surgical options.

More information on our breast reduction Newcastle service.

Dr Nicholas Moncrieff

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Dr Nicholas Moncrieff, Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

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Dr Moncrieff focuses exclusively on breast reductions, breast lifts, breast augmentation, tummy tucks and body lifts.

He is one of only a handful of Plastic Surgeons across Australia with this sole breast and body focus.

Dr Moncrieff has performed thousands of surgical procedures over more than two decades in medicine. Over 20,000 of these procedures have been in Newcastle.

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