Taping your plastic surgery scars

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23 Aug 2022

Taping your plastic surgery scars

Recently undergone breast or body surgery with Dr Moncrieff? As a crucial step in your scar management regime, we recommend taping your incision from 6-12 weeks post-surgery. Practice Nurse Alecia Baker explains.

To minimise your plastic surgery scars, for the first six weeks post-surgery you should focus on wearing your support garment, keeping your dressings in place and limiting movement. In this period, you will undergo two complimentary Healite LED Light Therapy treatments to assist with scar minimisation and faster healing. At three-weeks post-op, your dressings will be removed and replaced. At six weeks-post-op, you will visit our rooms for your dressing removal. From this point, we recommend you continue to apply tape to your incisions for a further six weeks until you reach the 12-week post-op mark.

What are the benefits of pressure/tape on my incision?

Adhesive paper tapes such as Micropore are proven to reduce the possibility of scars becoming raised and are effective in applying gentle and constant pressure to the incision, protecting and supporting the wound. Taping the scar also has the advantage of providing UV protection while in the healing phase.

How do I tape my scar?

The tape should be placed directly over the length of the incision. Our nursing team will demonstrate application at your six-week post-op appointment. The tape should be left in place for one week at a time, alternating one week on/one week off. After one week with the tape in place, you may remove the tape and massage the incision with the supplied Nokori Scar Balm twice a day for one week before reapplying the tape. Dr Moncrieff recommends continuing this regime until 12 weeks post-op. At this stage, with diligent aftercare the scar should start to become flatter and paler in colour.

What kind of tape should I use?

We recommend a flexible paper tape such as Micropore. You will receive a complimentary role of Micropore and a tube of Vitamin E cream at your six-week post-operative appointment to begin your scar management regime. Micropore tape is inexpensive and additional supplies can easily be purchased at your local chemist.

Can I shower with the tape on?

Yes! Unlike the dressings used in the immediate post-operative period, you are able to shower with the tape in place and can perform scar massage in the shower over top of the tape. This tape is quick drying and does not require blow-drying after showering.

Will it hurt to remove the tape?

While the incision may feel sensitive, it should not be painful to remove and replace a gentle paper tape. After one week in place, the tape should begin to peel up at the edges by itself. If required, you can use an oil-based product like the Nokori Scar Balm or medical grade Universal Adhesive Remover to help slide the tape right off.

Have another question about minimising your plastic surgery scars?

If you have a question about taping your scar after surgery or would like more advise on minimising your plastic surgery scars, please do not hesitate to call one of our friendly team on 4920 7700. Many of our team members have undergone plastic surgery themselves and are experts in all things scar management!

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