Top 5 Regrets after Plastic Surgery

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23 Jan 2023

Top 5 Regrets after Plastic Surgery

Considering plastic surgery? The decision to have plastic surgery is a an important one and should never feel pressured or rushed. To help women considering surgery, here are the top five regrets that we hear from our patients after undergoing breast or body surgery.

Regret #1: I wish I went to a Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Patients visiting Dr Moncrieff seeking revision surgery often express that they wish they had done more research on their choice of surgeon before undergoing their primary procedure. While every surgery comes with risk, choosing a Specialist Plastic Surgeon minimises that risk because of the extensive training regime they completed before they were able to use that title. In the case of our surgeon, Dr Moncrieff completed 17 years of training and examinations before founding Hunter Plastic Surgery in 2009. Wondering if your surgeon is a genuine Plastic Surgeon? Look for the initials FRACS (Plas Surg) after their name or find them listed on the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons register.

Regret #2: I wish I had chosen the right procedure for me

Patients too often find out too late that there may have been a more suitable procedure they could have opted for to get better results if only they had been aware of their options. For example, if a patient says they want liposuction on their abdomen, they often donโ€™t understand that the surgery wonโ€™t address the concerns of underlying muscle separation or lax skin as an abdominoplasty would do. Dr Moncrieff takes time to educate patients on their full scope of surgical options, the likely outcomes and the risks during their initial consultation and wonโ€™t offer a procedure he believes will provide a sub-optimal outcome (hint โ€“ this is why he doesnโ€™t offer stand-alone liposuction to the tummy!).

Regret #3: I wish I followed my post-operative instructions

It is so important that patients take it easy and follow their post-operative instructions diligently after surgery. Recovering from plastic surgery takes time, and although our patients often find they are feeling good in the weeks following surgery, it is important not to overdo it and to adhere to the post-operative instructions provided. Things like smoking, eating a poor diet, going back to work or the gym too soon or not wearing your surgical garments during the post-operative period can have a huge impact on your surgical results, even leading to wound breakdown, delayed healing and excessive scarring.

Regret #4: I wish I kept my weight stable

We know just how much work it takes to reach your goal weight prior to surgery, but just as important to achieving an incredible long-term surgical result with Dr Moncrieff is maintaining your goal weight after surgery. It is no surprise that patients who gain large amounts of weight after surgery, or go on to have further pregnancies, run the risk of altering their surgical results. More information about navigating weight gain after breast and body surgery is here.

Regret #5: I wish Iโ€™d done it sooner!

Many of our patients tell us they have sat on the fence with the decision to undergo plastic surgery for months or even years before taking the leap. Patients are often overwhelmed by the idea of looking โ€˜fake,โ€™ facing judgement from their friends, family or colleagues or have second thoughts about investing down time and money into their appearance. Post-operatively, patients often realise how exaggerated their fears were and wish they would have gone ahead with surgery sooner so they could have enjoyed their results for longer!

Ready to explore your surgical options with Dr Moncrieff?

A great way to โ€˜Try before you buyโ€™ is to come in and have a $100 Vectra 3D Surgery Simulation with myself. Our patients love this service because it gives them a much better idea of what a breast augmentation, lift or reduction might look like on your body before committing to surgery. And the $100 cost is rebated against your consultation with Dr Moncrieff if you decide to continue exploring if surgery is right for you. To book, just give one of my friendly team a call on 4920 7700 or enquire using the contact form below!

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