What is the internal bra technique?

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22 Jun 2020

What is the internal bra technique?

Have you heard of the “internal bra” technique? It’s a buzz term in the plastic surgery community right now, and for good reason! Read on to hear more about this surgical technique and how it can be used in complex breast augmentation cases, as well as breast reduction and lift procedures.

How is the internal bra technique performed?

The internal bra technique can be performed in a variety of ways to accommodate to the specific needs of each patient. An “internal bra” describes a variety of different surgical techniques or the use of specific additional products in breast surgery to improve breast shape and stability. The goal of an internal bra procedure is really to control breast position, shape or implant to provide structural support to the breast internally. The most common method is to use special permanent or semi -permanent strong sutures in the internal breast pocket along the lower breast fold.

Internal bra technique in augmentation and breast implant revision cases

The internal bra technique can be a great way to correct implant complications such as symmastia, “double bubble” and “bottoming-out.” These complications are due to implant pocket instability created by poor dissection and the use of an inappropriate sized implant.  The internal bra addresses these issues by tightening and strengthening the implant pocket so that the implant can be held in the correct position.

In some complex primary breast augmentations, Dr Moncrieff will use the internal bra technique where a patient may be at risk of bottoming-out without this extra reinforcement.

Internal bra technique in a breast reduction or lift procedure

This surgical technique can also be used in a breast reduction or lift procedure in a similar fashion to support the newly lifted tissues and ensure longevity in the final result. The scarring is indifferent to a regular breast reduction or lift, as all of the stitching is done internally. The lower breast fold is elevated in such cases with strong semi-permanent sutures to have a torso lengthening effect.


FYI: It’s not an alternative to a regular bra

Although the catchy phrase “internal bra” was coined to reflect the way the surgical technique mimics the support of a bra, this procedure is not at all meant to replace a regular bra. This surgical technique is used to create better breast support internally, but it is still important to continue to wear a supportive bra everyday as all breasts, regardless of surgery, are subject to gravity.


Does Dr Moncrieff use the internal bra technique?

Yes! Dr Moncrieff uses several variations of the internal bra technique when addressing breast implant revision, breast reduction and lift procedures. This technique is most useful for those with less resilience or elasticity in the skin who are hoping to achieve longevity in their surgical result, or those wishing to correct the breast implant complications as outlined above.


Want to know if the internal bra technique is right for you?

During your consultation, Dr Moncrieff will be able to tell you whether you are a good candidate for the internal bra technique and will discuss the procedure in length. To book a consultation, give one of our friendly team a call on 4920 7700 or send us a message using the contact form below.

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