What to pack in your hospital bag before plastic surgery

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7 Jun 2024

Packing guide for plastic surgery

The big day is fast approaching – very exciting times ahead! To ensure your recovery is smooth sailing, the best thing you can do is be prepared. Below you will find a checklist of everything you will need to pack in your overnight bag to make your hospital stay as comfortable as possible.

Packing checklist for an overnight hospital stay

The Essentials

  • Wallet with ID, Medicare card and a small amount of cash for vending machines, etc.
  • Mobile phone/tablet (password protected)
  • Phone/laptop/tablet charger (extra-long cords are really helpful!)
  • Dark coloured, loose clothing that is easy to take on and off (front zip and button-down shirt options are great)
  • Sleeping mask/ear plugs (essential to a restful sleep on a busy ward!)
  • A warm jacket
  • Pyjamas
  • A dressing gown or robe (something mid-length with pockets is great)
  • Slippers or socks with grip
  • Slip on, flat shoes
  • Underwear
  • Prescription medications in their original packaging
  • Hairbrush and hairbands
  • Travel size toiletries: dry shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth wash, wet wipes
  • Skincare essentials: face wash, moisturiser, lip balm
  • Glasses/contact lenses if you need them

The Little Luxuries

  • Entertainment: Laptop, tablet, books, magazines
  • Headphones/earphones
  • A refillable drink bottle with an inbuilt straw (much easier to drink from when semi-reclined in your hospital bed)
  • A portable charger can be handy during the day
  • Pre-packaged snacks
  • Sunglasses for the trip home
  • A gentle laxative such as Movicol sachets to help with post-surgery constipation
  • Ice packs to help reduce swelling
  • A neck-pillow (check out Relax & Recover for luxury surgery recovery packs!)

What NOT to bring

  • Jewellery, large sums of cash or other valuable items. Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for loss or theft.

Other tips for preparing for surgery

Some other key things to remember before the big day are:

  • All piercings must be removed prior to the procedure. If you have a particular piercing that you cannot remove by yourself, please visit your piercer to remove the jewellery or notify the hospital prior to your surgery day.
  • ALL fake tan must be removed before surgery.
  • You will need at least 1 natural finger or toenail for heart monitoring. Please ask your specific hospital if you need to remove ALL false nails or polish before the day.
  • Hair extensions with any kind of metal fastening must be removed prior to surgery (typically beaded or “clip-in” varieties).
  • Please refrain from getting any kind of tattoo (including eyebrow microblading) before surgery to minimise risk of infection.
  • Have a shower the morning of surgery and ensure your hair is clean.
  • Remember to drink your carbohydrate Dex popper during your fasting period to help with anxiety, nausea and recovery from anesthetic.
  • Read your Plastic Surgery Planner and ensure you understand all of your post-operative instructions.

Have a question about what to pack in your hospital bag or preparing for your surgery? Just give one of our friendly team a call on 4920 7700, we are more than happy to help make your recovery period as smooth as can be!

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