Why plastic surgery before and after photos matter

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21 Sep 2021

plastic surgery before and after

Selfies and stock images are pretty, but tell you little about whether the surgeon can produce the results you want.


If you are researching, here are some tips for critically thinking about who might be able to help you achieve your goals:

1 โ€“ Can you see proper before and after photos before you commit your time and money to a consultation? We can offer hundreds of these comparison photos because Dr Moncrieff does so many breast and body procedures and we have so many patients who are happy to share their results! If someone else wonโ€™t openly show their results, donโ€™t you have to ask why?

2 โ€“ Is the โ€˜beforeโ€™ and โ€˜afterโ€™ a true comparison? That is, is the lighting the same, the same angle, same camera type, the position of the body etc? We regularly see terribly misleading images from all over the world that are designed to fool potential patients.

3 โ€“ Is the person roughly the same as age and body type as you? A surgical result will look different on different age groups and body shapes. So focus on the 'before' photo as much as you do the 'after'. Is she around the same age and body type as you? Does her skin look the same? Does she have the same concerns such as sagging or stretch marks as you?

4 โ€“ Remember that โ€˜selfieโ€™ style photos can mask a lot! For breast surgery, selfies in bras mean you canโ€™t see the scars, the nipple position or the actual cleavage lines. Selfies are great for showing how positive someone feels about their body afterwards, but do not tell the whole story.

5 โ€“ Are you sure the results actually belong to that clinic? We have heard of many cases of results from one clinic being stolen and used in marketing by another. Looking for a distinctive background can help (like our teal wall) but even backgrounds can be changed, so just look critically.


We are honoured that so many happy patients give us written consent to share their images and we are proud to be able to tick all the boxes above. Make sure you think about these questions about photos when you are doing your research.

Want to see some before and afters? Obviously we have lots of results on our social media, and you can also view a range in our gallery here.

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