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5 Aug 2021

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Update 5 August 2021

Given the announcement by NSW Health of a lockdown in Newcastle and the broader Hunter region, we have suspended all services except urgent medical care until 12 August. We will not be performing surgery during this lockdown week and will closely follow NSW Health requirements following this period.

We will continue to see post operative patients for wound care, but are unable to offer other in-person consultations, injecting, skin treatments or Vectra simulations. Online appointments are available for some services. See more information below.

For existing patients with upcoming appointments, or surgery after 12 August, please contact us by phone for advice before arriving at our clinic or hospital if we have not already been able to contact you. 

Any patients who have appointments or surgery dates which are cancelled will be offered options for rescheduling when it is possible to do so.

For all patients and visitors, please wear a face mask when visiting our clinic. Please also review the information about the necessary precautions we have in place which will impact your visit.

Who can't come to the clinic?

To ensure your own safety and that of our other patients and team, we ask that you do NOT come to our clinic:

  • If you have been overseas or in any Australian hotspot, in the last 14 days
  • If you have had contact with someone who is unwell,  as confirmed coronavirus or is confined due to possible coronavirus
  • If you are unwell in any way, including with a sore throat, fever, shortness of breath, loss of smell or cough.

What will I need to do when I come in?

In accordance with NSW Health requirements, patients and visitors will need to:

  • Use hand sanitiser
  • Confirm with our team they are not unwell or have potentially exposed to Covid-19
  • Wear a face mask as required by NSW Health.

Can I bring others to my appointment?

As a general rule, we ask that you avoid bringing others to your appointment.

We understand a support person may wish to attend during the initial appointment with Dr Moncrieff which can be accommodated. 

But for post operative appointments, if you can be dropped off while your support person waits for you in the foyer of the building downstairs or the car, it would be appreciated.

In term of children, our workplace safety requirements mean that we can not have children under 12 attend the clinic, so please do not bring them to your appointment.

Video consultations

We are pleased to also offer video consultations to patients who live over 1 hour drive away, under Covid restrictions, or for other special needs.  An in-person consultation will still be required before booking surgery. Your consultation fee covers both the video and in-person fee.

The current wait time for a consultation with Dr Moncrieff is around 3 months, although a Vectra 3D simulation can fast track the process (see more below). Please see our article about waiting times for consultations and surgery and what you can do to ensure you are ready for the journey. Click here.

All consultations will be at the normal rate of $350, with a Medicare rebate only available for in-clinic appointments where a GP or specialist's referral is presented. Video consultations do not qualify for a Medicare rebate.

What about Vectra 3D simulations for breast surgery?

This service is for women considering breast enhancement, lifts or reductions. These appointments with our Practice Manager are only $100 and can be booked online here. 

The cost is taken off Dr Moncrieff's consultation fee if you book an appointment with him after your Vectra simulation.

Vectra appointments not only give you the opportunity to see what breast surgery might look like on your own body, they also give you the chance to talk to our Practice Manager about costs, possible fund rebates and the process for booking surgery. They also mean you can access Dr Moncrieff's fast track appointments if you are keen for surgery in the coming months. Currently this means you can see Dr Moncrieff within 6 weeks, rather than the 12+ weeks for those who don't have a Vectra first. Surgery is then booked 8-16 weeks ahead.

During lockdown periods we are able to offer these appointments on video. While the simulation will not be possible, it is still the opportunity to discuss possible costs, rebates, scheduling and more.

Covid-19 testing before surgery

Upcoming patients may be required to have a Covid-19 test and submit a test result before surgery. The hospital or our team will advise if this is required.

Vaccination before or after procedures

As the Australian Covid-19 vaccination roll-out continues, more of our upcoming surgery (and non-surgical) patients are asking for advice about timing around their procedure.

We ask that patients have a minimum of 14 days before or after a procedure with us and a vaccination.

Ideally there should be 3 weeks between a vaccination and a procedure. 

These time guidelines are due to the fact vaccination can cause mild side effects such as fever or lethargy (especially on the second dose). If this is identified before a procedure, it may have to be cancelled. And if after a procedure, it may make recovery more difficult.

And the same guidelines apply to having the seasonal flu vaccination.

When can I have surgery?

Due to record demand for Dr Moncrieff, our normal waiting times have been extended. 

For women booking consultations now it is reasonable to expect a surgical date after your consultation for breast surgery to be within 2-4 months and larger tummy and body surgery to be over 4 months away. However, this can change quickly depending on theatre availability and if there is an urgent need for surgery. 

Please see our article about waiting times for consultations and surgery and what you can do to ensure you are ready for the journey. Click here.

Contact us 

Our normal clinic hours are 8.45am-5pm Monday to Friday. You can call the lovely team on 02 4920 7700 or send us a message via the contact form below.

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