How much does breast implant revision cost in Newcastle?

Breast Augmentation

15 Aug 2023

breast implant revision

There are a number of reasons women seek breast implant revision with us – sometimes older breast implants have become hard or there are other medical issues, or they no longer suit a woman’s lifestyle after many years. 

There are a lot of factors that determine the cost of revising your implants. The main variables include if you want new implants to replace the old ones, if you have medical concerns, if you have health fund coverage and your choice of surgeon.

Below are indicative ranges based on the surgical option you choose after a consultation with our surgeons.

Removal only:

In some cases, generally for smaller implants which have only been in a short time, it is possible to remove implants and not lift the remaining skin if the women is happy to accept some remaining loose skin. This ranges from $11,500 – $15,000 depending on insurance coverage, choice of surgeon and complexity of the removal.

More information about removal of implants is here.

Removal and lift: 

Dr Moncrieff generally does not recommend a removal without lift because for most women the skin and tissue is too stretched to retract and the result is not cosmetically pleasing and can lead to chronic skin irritation under the lax breast tissue. In some cases Dr Moncrieff recommends removal first then the patient can decide if they can cope with the laxity. If not, a lift can be then done as a second surgery.

A removal with a surgical lift is from $25,000 total out of pocket for an insured patient with Dr Moncrieff. This price is inclusive of the surgeon’s fee, hospital stay, garment and anaesthetist’s fee.

A lift is a more complex and time consuming surgery that a replacement of an implant, so takes more time in theatre. This results in the extra fees for the hospital, surgeon, anaesthetist, etc.

More information about removal of implants and a lift is here.

Removal and replacement with new implants:

The vast majority of implant removal and replacements cost from $28,500 total out of pocket costs with Dr Moncrieff, even if there is a medical need for the replacement.

This is because they will generally not attract a Medicare item number or health fund rebates. This breast revision surgery cost is inclusive of the surgeon’s fee, implants, hospital stay, garment and anaesthetist’s fee and does vary upward depending on complexity due to additional time being required in the operating theatre for complex cases.

More information about removal of implants and replacement with new implants is here.

What about Medicare rebates?

The Medicare rebates to check with your fund are below. Dr Moncrieff will only be able to issue these numbers if you meet the criteria for medical need and other requirements which in the case of removal and replacement restrict most patients we see from being eligible.

Removal: 45551

Removal and replacement: 45553 and 45554

What are my surgical options for revision?

Find out more about the various revision options in this blog.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! You can pay for your surgery in advance with us, or by using medical payment plans. In some cases, patients have even been able to access their superannuation for revisions based on medical need. More information is here.

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