What bra size will these implants make me?

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12 Oct 2022

What bra size will these implants make me?

Are you considering a breast augmentation but aren’t sure how many cubic centimetres (cc’s) to ask for when aiming for a certain size?

The answer is, there are no universal standards for bra cup sizes. No two breasts are the same size, nor are bra sizes precise. This is due to their variance from one manufacturer to another.

So it can be a good idea to prepare for your journey by moving your focus of the question from “what bra size will implants make me?” to “what look am I after with implants?”


Rule of thumb

But is there a general guide to cup sizes? Yes!

Australian research published in 2017 analysed 5 different bra sizes from three manufacturers and found some trends.

As a general rule: 130cc – 150cc equates to one cup size.

This applies to 130cc for women with narrower bust widths (so up to size 10 in most cases) and 150cc for women with wider bust widths (size 12 and above).


Consider the variables

The following are variables that need to be taken into consideration when considering different implant sizes on your body. Although a certain cc size may give one woman a certain cup size, the same could not be said for another woman.

The two key variables are:

  1. The measurements of your bust and shoulder width as well as torso length, and
  2. The pre-existing breast tissue and skin prior to implants.

Patient case studies

Our 26 year old patient came to see Dr Moncrieff with some pre-existing breast tissue, wanting to improve the fullness of her bust. Volume was achieved to her bust area by performing a breast augmentation using 375cc anatomical implants. This patient initially started as a size 10B and later fit into a 10DD.

This 33 year old patient depicted above had slightly more pre-existing breast tissue. Her goal was to use small-to-moderate sized implants to show the appearance of natural-looking breasts. A breast augmentation was performed using 375cc anatomical implants.This patient came to me as a size 12B and ended up fitting into a 12E bra size.

Both patients used 375cc anatomical implants to improve the volume of their bust, however both presented with different body frames and pre-existing breast tissue. This ultimately gave them individual results and varying bra sizes.


The total cost for a breast augmentation is from $15,000. This is inclusive of the surgeon’s fee, leading-brand round implants, hospital stay, garment, anaesthetist’s fee and follow up visits.

The implants used in the case study were anatomical implants, which are from $16,000.

Do we have payment plans?

Yes, we offer interest free payment plans for our patients in advance of surgical procedures. To read more about payment plans and other financing options to pay for your surgery visit this article here.


How will I know what certain implants will look on me?

At Hunter Plastic Surgery, we use the world’s leading 3D Vectra simulation as a guide to choosing the best implant size for your body and breast goals.

These simulations are performed by my Practice Manager Jessica, where she takes a 3D image of you in a private room.

The Vectra scan measures the volume of your existing breast tissue and uses computer software to create life-like models of how your ‘new’ breasts could actually look on you, viewed from all angles.

Rather than using this simulation to guarantee a bra size, we use the scan as a gauge for the overall potential look of different sizes.

See a video of what the simulation looks like here.

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